We Are A Professional Painting Contractor With An Outstanding Customer Satisfaction And Referral Rating

Painting Services

When we start a project we are devoted to your project and will attempt to complete it as efficiently as possible. We will not leave the project until it has a satisfactory approval from YOU the customer.

Construction Services

While we specialize it paint, Proverbial also performs minor construction services as well such as drywall repair, deck boards removed and stained, exterior siding repair to mention a few.

Stucco Services

As stucco specialists from Orange County, California since 1988, we are familiar with the older type of stucco and the "newer" EFIS BRANDS which are used today in the midwest.

Flooring Services

At Proverbial, we have tried various products from Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, PPG, and Hallman-Lindsey. KRILGUARD from Hallman Lindsey is our preferred choice for coating over cement floors.

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We are a professional painting contractor with an outstanding customer satisfaction and referral rating. That means our future is on display every day — in how we paint every type of house and building: interior, exterior, residential, commercial, office, condominium, or apartment complex.


Our employees are keenly aware that they may be drug and alcohol tested any time and if there is ever a suspicion of such activities taking place on the job, they will be terminated immediately.

Please Don't Be Like This Guy.....Yes, He Was Terminated.


Our exterior painting prep work is meticulous and thorough. If it wasn’t we couldn’t guarantee a beautiful, high-quality exterior paint job that will be maintenance-free for many years.


What Our Customers Have to Say

"Thank you for all the attention to detail and excellent work. You are amazing and will not leave a job until it is perfect down to the last detail. I highly recommend your services to anyone considering your work. Thank you, Kirsten- Muskego"


"Painters can be a picky lot and I was somewhat apprehensive hiring someone. I knew my back wouldn’t permit me to do the job I once easily did in my younger days. Ernie Zazueta and his able apprentice, Louis, gave our home a fresh update in a week. Ernie is an exceedingly kind, honest, artistic and respectful master painter. I recommend him highly whether your job is commercial or residential."


"Great painting work. Very clean! Appreciated....Edwin"

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