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Question: Is the prep work involved in painting really that important?

Answer: Absolutely! Without a doubt about it, prep work is the key to a high-quality paint job that lasts longer. However, artistic-level finish and detail work takes a great paint job to an extraordinary paint job. My team and I are experts with 12 years of exterior experience comprising both painting and plastering.

Our exterior painting prep work is meticulous and thorough. If it wasn’t we couldn’t guarantee a beautiful, high-quality exterior paint job that will be maintenance-free for many years. Once we repair, smooth, prime, and seal exterior surfaces, it’s the incredible color combinations and skillful application that will make people slow down and point as they drive by your house.

With a process that is thorough and solid down to a science, you get a level of preparation and attention to detail that separates a Proverbial exterior painting job from amateur attempts that aren’t even close.

And as for the big exterior painting companies, well, they’re in and out of your project so fast and on to the next job they don’t even consider some of the steps we take. But I promise you’ll notice the difference.

Depending on the condition of your house and your particular needs, prep and painting work basically includes:

  • Power-wash all painted surfaces to remove old caulking, peeling paint,mold, mildew, dirt, and debris. If needed an application of a non-phosphorus TSP (trisodium phosphate) to degrease, de-gloss, and completely clean all surfaces to be painted.

  • Scrape and sand loose or peeling paint and remove all dust particles.

  • Re-nail or screw down loose trim and siding boards as needed.

  • Remove exterior fixtures when possible; cover and mask all windows and other non-stained or painted surfaces to protect from over-spray, drips,and spills.

  • Apply silicone caulking around all windows to insure weather proofing and insulation.

  • Apply a universal primer sealer to all exterior painted surfaces where bare wood is exposed; repair and seal all areas where mold or mildew was found.

  • Apply two thick coats of top-quality, environmentally-friendly, lead-free paint or stain product. I only use products from leading paint manufactures that have stood the test of time and reputation.

  • Conduct a thorough site cleanup at the end of each day including the cleaning of all exterior windows.

  • Inspect your job site every day to insure all safety steps are followed.

"This kind of attention to detail and cut-no-corners promise requires more skill and work, but it’s the right way to paint your house or commercial building. It’s the only way to paint and stain when you take great pride in 100% customer satisfaction and you work as if working for the Lord and not man."

Call me today for a free quote on your next exterior painting project. It's a paint job you’ll be as proud of as I am – I guarantee it!