What Our Customers Have to Say

"Ernie and his crew did an amazing job on my house. Before I met Ernie through my daughter,as they go to the same church, I had contacted four painting companies through their websites.Only two bothered to get back to me,and none took the job. Many painting companies don't want to do any prep work, they just want to paint over whatever is there. I actually saw one painting company truck pull up in front of my house.They looked intently at the house for about five minutes,and left. I never saw them again. My house needed a lot of prep work. Ernie and his crew power washed the whole house.They also scraped, sanded,and caulked where needed. Ernie even helped my do minor repairs on my porch before he painted it.You can't beat that for integrity and professionalism. It came out great. Ernie is not just some guy I hired to paint my house,he is now my friend. If anyone has a painting need,one call is all that is needed. Al Malik"

Al Malik

"Thank you for all the attention to detail and excellent work. You are amazing and will not leave a job until it is perfect down to the last detail. I highly recommend your services to anyone considering your work. Thank you, Kirsten- Muskego"


"Painters can be a picky lot and I was somewhat apprehensive hiring someone. I knew my back wouldn’t permit me to do the job I once easily did in my younger days. Ernie Zazueta and his able apprentice, Louis, gave our home a fresh update in a week. Ernie is an exceedingly kind, honest, artistic and respectful master painter. I recommend him highly whether your job is commercial or residential."

Mike Petchel

"These guys, these guys! Nobody does work as good as these guys!"

Mark Saddlemann

"Great meeting you at Sherwin Williams! wish we had more time for some real networking and fellowship."


owner Timplex Painting LLC "Great painting work. Very clean! Appreciated....Edwin"

Edwin Jones

"Great job! Nice clean work highly recommended....Scott"

Scott Wilder